I’ll be damned if Zoom puts an end to modern day suiting and booting... but it sure might alter it for the better.



Has Zoom changed our uniform for the better or worse? 


Getting dressed to the nines, whatever that means for you, is integral. It sets the tone for the day, it makes you stand tall, it makes you stand proud. But doing this has often led to stuffy and uncomfortable complications – top button too tight, restricting ties, uncomfortable footwear et al. This has paved the way for a loosening of office wear stereotypes.


If your job requires you to wear a suit, it’s likely you’ve relaxed this over the past year: a crew neck for a button down shirt here, a pair of box fresh trainers for a tan brogue there. This has been a long time coming. There are listless examples from the menswear shows of the last few years, both Autumn Winter and Spring Summer, pre-dating Covid-19 taking us into its “I only need to wear a t shirt and boxers for this video call” jaws. What we’re seeing runs parallel to a cultural shift for the better in the office: longer rest breaks, mental health days, extra days off, and most importantly, the re-comforting of the modern mans working wardrobe. 


Detailing is key – and creates the tight rope between the sleek modern man and the average Joe wearing stained track pants. Look out for drawstring trousers with easy elasticated waists, tonal co-ords, and deconstructed blazers/zip throughs. The upper echelons of menswear will succeed here where others may fail; a Sandro drawstring trouser coupled with a crisp white T-shirt and box fresh trainers is a marked difference to the joggers you used to run in – these, simply put, won’t cut it.



Detailing is key – and creates the tight rope between the sleek modern man and the average Joe wearing stained track pants


Start with brands you know, with smart wear that you love. Reiss, Sandro, Calvin Klein all have offerings on the home wear – tailoring axis.


Going for softer, tonal colours that you can work into neutral palettes including white, black, beige, and brown will mean you can soften the suited looks you’ve already put together.


Take a pair of trousers from your favorite suit; only this time, reach for a fine gauge knitted crew neck jumper from the same colour palette.


Alternatively, centre your comfort around a pair of smart joggers; a lot less restricting on your makeshift home office chair, and you can again start with a plain T and build up from here to a jumper, roll neck, or blazer. 



Being used to wearing a suit all day, you might want to ease yourself in. Try it. See what works for you, see what makes you feel confident. Even in the world of endless office Zoom calls, you can still take pride in yourself, you can still be the best dressed. But now you can also be comfortable.