For Renters

No, it is down to the lender to clean the item, and if special care is needed for the item (such as dry cleaning) it will be included in the rental price that they have set.
You will only be charged if the lender accepts the transaction. The transaction must be accepted within three days and if the seller refuses or does not respond, you will not be charged.

For Lenders

No, listing an item is free! Garmentry operates on a commission based model charging 15% on each rental
Our users prefer to rent items that have great and well lit images, we recommend you upload three photos, two of you wearing the item and one of it on a hanger.
Our other top tips for imagery:
- Only show the item available for rental
- Avoid screenshots
- Use a white background to make the item stand out
Garmentry typically works best with items that have an RRP over £100, and not from fast fashion / high street brands.
We will also reject all personal fashion items such as underwear, swimwear etc. as well as fur.
To upload items that are outside of the categories available, such as jewelry please get in touch.

Uploading your wardrobe couldn’t be easier!
Once you log into your account, click on “ADD A NEW LISTING” in the top right corner of any page on Garmentry. You can also find "ADD A NEW LISTING" in your dashboard" and:
Fill in product information, including the brand name, size and fit, description and location.
Upload a selection of photos that showcase your wardrobe in the best light – You can find our photo tips on our FAQ page. Please make sure to include at least one real-life version of the item.
Set your delivery and dry cleaning costs.
1. Response time: Respond to renter queries as soon as possible and try to accept rental requests within 24 hours of receiving them.
2. Perfect photographs: Upload the highest quality images. The more images showing details of the item, the better.
3. Detailed description: Try to provide as much detail as possible, all in one place. Specify the fabrics, colour and sizing. If the item comes up small, or is true to size, this information will really help other members before they Request To Rent.
4. Offer advice: Helpful advice is key to being a good lender and building our community.
5. Leave reviews: Members are more likely to rent from a lender with good reviews. If you’ve had a great experience with a renter, leave them a review and chances are they’ll rate you too.
At Garmentry, items rent best typically 5-10% of the retail price. As the lender, you may wish to drop the price to get more rentals or to push it higher if you feel your piece is in high demand. You have complete control.
Top Tip: Look at similar listings and set your prices slightly lower to attract more rentals.


Firstly create an account, using the "sign up" button at the top of the screen.
Once you've created an account, add you bank information to your account as well as completing your stripe connect onboarding. Both of these can be found in your account dashboard.
You're then ready to rent or lend clothing on Garmentry