As we become a more socially and environmentally aware society, so should our style choices. Garmentry promotes a circular model for mens retail, with peer to peer rental and spotlights on brands with a similarly forward thinking vision; ultimately bringing sustainability to an unsustainable market. Join the rental revolution. 




The value of unused clothing in wardrobes has been estimated at around £30 billion.






 Chances are, You have the missing piece of someone else's dream  outfit in your wardrobe. By bringing this from their wardrobe directly to your door, Garmentry promotes a circular model for mens retail, bypassing the need for you to order that new jacket for one night, and avoiding the sanctioning of unnecessary garment pollution. 


Overconsumption is out. The jacket you want exists, and is kept in pristine condition elsewhere. The world is your wardrobe if you want it to be - everyone else's room is your warehouse. After the sheen of a new garment has worn off, it gets relegated to the lower leagues of your wardrobe; it sits there in pre landfill purgatory. Then you’re looking for the next item to rinse your wallet for. It’s time to change this; Garmentry gives the opportunity to extend the life span of these clothes ten or twenty times over. Pay less, rent the item, access more. 



Garmentry provides a gateway for brands to explore rental options for both previous season and current season dead stock. By increasing the use of these otherwise redundant materials, Garmentry ensures maximal use of clothes already in circulation. Moreover, the digital nature of our platform means no warehouse space is required, further reducing our environmental impact. 

Take the opportunity to gain access to a limitless wardrobe with endless possibilities and a clear conscience. You’ll be on this list before you know it.